Dev notes: Atronic

Took the Galactians code and hacked it into shape. This is an old game (2011).

Codename: Atronic. A shooter with a distinctly retro feel. Inspired by Jeff Minter’s Gridrunner for iOS. If you like your games RETRO, then this is for you!

  • Code now supports requestAnimationFrame and all the latest webAudio code
  • Implemented smoother player movement
  • Added rapid fire in 3 stages
  • Created lots more audio effects
  • Added line streaks for explosion effects
  • Fixed splash screen delay that was preventing stars from appearing on title screen
  • Fixed GameOver mode bug

Froggy The Frogger Game Is Now Free To Play

We’re so excited to announce that another HTML5 Arcade Game is available to play on Playstar.

Froggy was being developed alongside Blob and has now completed its testing phase.

The game is available to play at

We’ve once again opted for simplicity. You only need to tap the screen to play!

As always please do let us know if you have any problems playing the game on your phone or tablet. Be sure to let us know the device and operating system that you’re using 🙂

More great arcade games coming soon.

New HTML5 Arcade Game In Development – Frogger

Or, as we are calling it, Froggy 🙂

No classic video game arcade would be complete without Frogger. One of the simplest and yet most challenging games we ever played.

As with our previous game, Blob, it’s all about just a single tap on the screen.

You start each level with Froggy sat on the grass. He slides left and right until you tap the screen to have him jump. Once he’s on the road you have to jump clear of the cars 4 times to get to the river’s edge.

At the river’s edge he slides left and right again waiting for your tap.

The river is tricky! But if you’re good you can navigate your way to safety while collecting the bonus items that occasionally ride on the back of the logs and turtles.

We’re hoping to have this game complete within the next week.

New HTML5 Arcade Game – Blob

Our new game Blob is now available to play on

We call this a beta release in that we may yet tweak it based on feedback but the game is essentially there to be enjoyed.

It’s a simple game and you can play it with just your finger.

Simply tap the screen to have your little blob guy jump into the air and collect the coins. But beware, there are crushing critters out to stop you!

We hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we do. And don’t forget, you can share your score with your friends via Twitter and Facebook after every game 🙂

Play the game.

HTML5 Game ‘Blob’ Nearing Completion

We’re huge fans of simplicity in games. The premise of Blob is to jump and collect whilst avoiding the baddies.

We’ve had a lot of fun making your blob character a sticky little fellow. He jumps forward and then plops down onto the platforms or floor with a satisfying ‘glop’.

Just now we have a few issues with the collision of the larger sprites but that’ll soon be ironed out. We’re hoping to add the game to the playstar arcade in the next few days.

HTML5 Game Concept Art – Battle Cats

Here’s a little something from the art department. There seems to be a bit of a cat obsession just now and somebody decided to turn that into a game.

We love the concept of endless running in games. It’s not without its challenges from a development perspective, but as a game we think they are a lot of fun.

So, here, you play the role of Kitty who has had all of her favourite treats and toys robbed by rival cats. Kitty can jump with a tap of the screen as the floor beneath her slides by. If she collects a weapon the tap also doubles as a fire button!

We love these early stages where we get to play with ideas. Rest assured there will be more to follow. 🙂