New HTML5 Arcade Game In Development – Frogger

Or, as we are calling it, Froggy 🙂

No classic video game arcade would be complete without Frogger. One of the simplest and yet most challenging games we ever played.

As with our previous game, Blob, it’s all about just a single tap on the screen.

You start each level with Froggy sat on the grass. He slides left and right until you tap the screen to have him jump. Once he’s on the road you have to jump clear of the cars 4 times to get to the river’s edge.

At the river’s edge he slides left and right again waiting for your tap.

The river is tricky! But if you’re good you can navigate your way to safety while collecting the bonus items that occasionally ride on the back of the logs and turtles.

We’re hoping to have this game complete within the next week.

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